Rebecca Kim has dreamed of traveling to the stars ever since the passing of her mother. Equipped with a brain for science and a hatred of her home life, Rebecca sets out to build a flight suit so that she can finally leave this world behind. However, everything changes when she and her high school classmate Heidi accidentally discover the existence of an end-times cult that plots to destroy humanity. This is the story of the Rocket Girl and the End Machine. This is the story about the end of the world, and the story of how to save it.

Potential Content Warnings: Parental death and divorce are discussed with some regularity. A broken limb is shown on-panel in issue 9. Otherwise, Aeronaut contains some coarse language and fairly mild fantasy violence. 

It's written by Joseph Bortner, a 19-year-old writer and artist from Massachusetts. He can be contacted at joebdraws@gmail.com.