Aeronaut is a Superhero webcomic about growing up and abandonment, with a helping of teen angst.

Rebecca Kim, a high school super-genius and rigid loner, thinks she has everything figured out. Having had enough with Earth, she's made up her mind to do the one thing she's always dreamed of: Go to space. But as her plan begins to unravel, she has to grapple with her own responsibility and sense of self while the world seems to falls apart around her.

Potential Content Warnings: Parental death and divorce are discussed with some regularity. A broken limb is shown on-panel in issue 9. Otherwise, Aeronaut contains some course language and fairly mild fantasy violence. 

It's written by Joseph Bortner, an 18-year-old writer and artist from Massachusetts. He can be contacted at joebdraws@gmail.com.